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Several Interesting Facts About Pantyhose. Uses of Old Pantyhose

Generally, pantyhose were invented by Allen Gant Senior in 1959 when pantyhose were presented as a mixture of stockings and underpants. The major goal of pantyhose is to emphasize the beauty of a woman making legs smoother and very sexy. But pantyhose are also extremely functional making it easier to wear and take off shoes. The pantyhose also add slenderness and shine to the woman's skin. In the cold weather pantyhose offer much warmth and the uniform pressure improves blood circulation.

Usually pantyhose are made of nylon due to its elasticity, strength, and shine. The peculiarity of pantyhose is their weightlessness thus convenience of usage. Most of women highly appreciate nylon pantyhose as they are completely wrinkle-free. Few pantyhose are produced from spandex.

The thickness and strength of nylon is measured with deniers. Thus, the sheerness of pantyhose varies from 3 to 80 deniers. The design of the pantyhose is usually the same, the only differences may concern elegance and style. As many women have a somewhat protruding belly, a broader elastic band is offered near the waist. The crotch is usually produced from cotton. And the heel and toes are stronger to prevent pantyhose from tearing and to enhance durability. Darker colors of pantyhose are usually chosen in winter.

Modern pantyhose offer much confidence in the mind of the user as they make the woman feel and look sexy being warm and comfortable at the same time. But the use of old pantyhose is overwhelming. They can be used to tidy up a fish-tank or a garden pond. Also a debris-skimmer can be made from them by folding a clothes hanger into a circle and covering it with pantyhose. Besides, pantyhose may serve as excellent scrubbers for utensils or as a floor shiner. Prevent wet flour from sticking onto a rolling pin by putting a tube of pantyhose on it. A garbage liner can be protected with the elastic band made of the pantyhose.

A garden can't do without pantyhose too! Flower bulbs, ripe onions and potatoes can be stored in pantyhose as well as tomato vines can be secured with pantyhose. Before filling the pots with mud line them up with pantyhose. The soil won't be washed away.

In addition, an excellent loofah can be created from pantyhose by cutting off the legs and filling them with remains of soap. Place it near the sink and wash hands as many times as possible.

Pantyhose can be perfectly used for searching lost objects on the carpet. Just cut off the leg from old pantyhose and tie it around the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner. When the lost object is found it will stick to the pantyhose in the nozzle!

You can also keep mothballs inside pantyhose to secure clothes in your closet. A scent can be also used instead of mothballs.

As you can see, the uses of pantyhose are unlimited. Even old pantyhose can be extremely important in your household!