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Osteoporosis and calcium

Dr, I am 64 years old and I take Fosamax for Osteoporosis. Should I be taking extra calcium and vitamins? Mrs. Beth in Macon, Georgia

Dear Mrs. Beth, After menopause I would suggest getting 400 IU of vitamin D and 1500 mg of calcium daily. A multivitamin may be beneficial especially if your diet is low in leafy green vegetables. Fosamax is an excellent medicine for osteoporosis. Also, low weight resistance exercise helps to keep bones strong. Low weight, 2-3 lbs, is all that is needed; do not be temped to increase weight. Some of my patients have what looks like a giant rubber band that provides good exercise. Be careful not to do repetitive movements such as "power walking" because this type of exercise can inflame joints. Better during active sports and brain support use supplements.

Dear Dr, My eyes start to run water towards the end of every day. Someone told me that this means they are dry, this doesn't make sense. How can my eyes run water and be dry? What can I do? Bill in Tennessee.

Dear Bill, Dry eyes running water doesn't seem to make sense, but it is true. There are three layers to tears. When one layer is missing, the other two layers try to help by making more liquid, so the end result is running eyes. Eyes tend to be more tired and dry toward the end of a day, particularly if you work with computers or drive a lot. Natural tears that you can buy over the counter are good for this problem. The proper way to use natural tears is to drop a drop into your eye and blink repeatedly. The blinking repeatedly helps stimulate the glands in the eyelids to secrete all three layers. This drop and blinking method should be done 3 times in a row, several times a day if needed. Resting your eyes covered with a warm wet washcloth helps relieve the symptoms also. Be sure to have your eye checked to rule out any medical problem. Remember get only natural tears, no chemicals please.

Dear Dr, I am a physical therapist working in a traditional office setting. I have many patients who self prescribe herbal medicines. They ask me many questions about herbals mixed with traditional medicines, how do you feel about this combination. Pattie in Altanta, Georgia

Dear Pattie, Thank you for writing, this is a very good question. Traditional medicines used with herbal or natural medicines has had excellent results. Traditional medicines were all once derived from natural sources, anyway. Sometimes there are prescription meds that prefer from the same medicine in "over the counter" meds. One, is FOLTX, this is a prescription B6 B12 and Folic acid combination medicine which helps lower Homocysteine, which happens to be a risk factor for heart disease. While these three vitamins are abundant in many formulas, I like this one particularly. This is just one example, each patient and each medicine would need to be considered. Over all I approve of combination therapy.