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Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie had set a trend for women who want to add sexiness to their look. Angelina's luscious lips have been the talk in showbiz magazines and even talk shows. Unfortunately, not all of us can have the full lips Jolie has.

How to Own a Pair of lips as Sexy

Lips with accentuated borders and fullness are in today. With cosmetic surgery you can look as hot as your favorite stars. It is important that you have a sexy smile to have the charm that can turn heads. Your lips play an important part in smiling since it occupies your face on both sides.

Today, many techniques in lips augmentation promise you with great results. As you age, the collagen production in the body also decreases. This is the protein compound that is the framework of your lips. Many women and even men have their lips augmented. With a society that is accepting cosmetic surgeries as a breakthrough in Science, many opt to undergo these procedures such as lip augmentation. Combining with special juice like can achieve excellent effect.

Lip Augmentation Techniques

Autologen Injection

Autologen is one of the first materials used in reshaping the lips. It is an injectable that is administered intradermally. The material that will be used is your own skin. Since it comes from your own body, no allergy may arise. However, this is only temporary because it will be reabsorbed by your body in due time.

Collagen Injection

This material comes from a cow's hide (bovine hides). This will need a test for allergies. Treatment with collagen injection may last for three months. The test for allergic reactions, however, usually lasts for four long weeks.


Dermalogen is derived from your own skin and through a process done in the laboratory, is converted into concentrated collagen. This substance will give shape to your lips for a much longer time according to some studies.


This is a tissue taken from cadaver donors that is denatured. It undergoes purification process and treatment that removes viable disease causing cells. Using a local anesthetic, it is place within the mucosa.

Alloderm is donor tissue taken from cadavers and then denatured, purified and treated to remove viable cells that could pass along disease. Under a local anesthesia, Alloderm is placed into the mucosa of your lips to give them a fuller look. This may also be used in shaping the lips by placing it within the pink area.

Newer Discoveries

Today, with the advancement of technology come many approaches in lip augmentation. You just have to read about them and educate yourself of the most effective, the safest and cost-efficient technique. Safer and more effective procedures are offered by cosmetic physicians.

It is also vital that you have awareness of certain side effects or untoward conditions that may arise after undergoing such procedure. One of these is the risk for allergies. Hypersensitivity reactions can be fatal. This is why careful assessment through allergy tests and history taking is done to keep you safe from complications.