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Everything About Urethral Sounding

Sounding or urethral sounding presupposes the medical use of probes which are called sounds in order to increase the inner diameter of the urethra and to place various obstructions inside it. They are also used to stretch the urethra with the intention of making piercing.

Urethral sounding is sometimes called urethral play and is also used to mean this practice in a sexual context.

Urethral play presupposes the introduction of soft or rigid things into the meatus of the man's penis or even farther inside. Such objects as sounds are generally inserted about halfway into the glans and are easy to remove. But other toys and items, like catheters, can be inserted even deeper, sometimes even into the bladder. Besides, some things can be curled several times or expanded inside the bladder. Such an action in men can be directly or indirectly connected with stimulation of the prostate gland as well as some types of bladder control.

There're men who receive pleasure from introducing small vibrators inside their urethras, or even to the prostate. Usually, micro-bullet sized vibrators are used for this purpose as they are connected to a control device with an extremely thin wire. These vibrators work on batteries; that's why the risk of shock is limited to minimum. Before using any objects check up that there're no sharp edges on them and individual devices are required to be polished at first in order to remove any burrs. Also never force the vibrator down and use a great amount of water-based lube, but never use saliva as a lubricant. Any person needs to know his or her own anatomy. The item can slip in easily, but be rather difficult to remove. Besides, all the items must be cleaned before and after the usage with alcohol and rinsed with warm water.

If used wrong, sounding can cause irritation, a urinary tract infection or even tearing of the urethra. Infections can be extremely serious if they reach the bladder or kidneys, so in this case an individual should see a doctor. Be sincere with your doctor as to what and how you were doing for him to help you.

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